Nursing Re-Entry Program Costs

To enroll in the Nurse Re-Entry program, complete the application for admission and please submit payment for the full nursing program cost of $2700 to Health & Educational Consultants and mail to Health & Educational Consultants, 7327 SW Barnes Rd #622, Portland, OR 97225.

  • Program Fee
  • $2,000
  • Books, Computer Modules, Background Check, Drug Screen
  • $700
  • Total Program Costs
  • $2,700

-> Once we have received your application and course fee, we will postal mail out your study guide, notebook of readings, computer module access codes and textbooks. We will also send you via email access information to the course online Moodle site. The textbooks are sent from the publisher and take a week or more for delivery. In addition the costs above, license and malpractice insurance fees will be paid directly by you. Other costs in preparation for the clinical experience and paid by you are for CPR/BLS, TB testing and needed immunizations or titers. A few facilities may require a clinical fee, most do not. All fees must be paid in full prior to issuance of your full licensure.