Health & Educational Consultants Nursing Re-Entry Program is Oregon State Board of Nursing approved, and upon satisfactory completion of all components of the program and OAR requirements, full RN or LPN licensure will be granted by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. We congratulate you on the decision to resume your career and look forward to assisting with your re-entry into the profession of nursing!

It is important to note that you must complete ALL clinical and study guide objectives in order to meet the criteria for full re-licensure. Upon completion of all requirements, an RN or LPN license will be issued from the Oregon State Board of Nursing. For more information, please review the FAQs and Program Costs. Contact us via email at or 503-352-4969 for questions about the course. We will be happy to discuss your educational plan with you and are committed to your success and facilitating your learning.


The theory portion of the course is a hybrid course, meaning some of the content is delivered by traditional book and journal article readings and some of the content is delivered by online computer learning modules, readings or research. YOU WILL NEED COMPUTER AND INTERNET ACCESS for this course. Informatics, pharmacology, nursing skills and clinical reasoning are the online modules. In addition there is a Moodle website to access course materials electronically. We will send you a printed copy of the course study guide and journal article readings. You may progress through the course at your own pace, however we encourage students to finish in a year. You may not be enrolled for longer than 2 years. Criteria for enrollment in the re-entry course is that you have been licensed as a nurse previously and have worked as a nurse. We like to talk on the phone before you enroll to be sure that this course meets your particular situation for Oregon licensure or reactivation of an Oregon license.


The clinical experience portion of the program occurs after successful completion of the study guides and will require from 1 to 3 months. The clinical experience will be at least 160 hours of supervised clinical practice in one agency or facility and is subject to agency and RN preceptor availability. We cannot guarantee clinical placement. Finding a clinical placement for you will be a cooperative effort between yourself and us. You will need to obtain permission from the director of nurses or the director of education prior to your clinical experience. During the clinical portion of the program, you will be practicing with your limited license. Nurses who have not practiced for a long period of time may be required to complete additional clinical hours.